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When City Vinyl went on hiatus, the world was left to wonder what would become of one rock’s most talentless and balding contributors.  Would we all receive a reprieve from sophomoric lyrics, off-key vocals and sloppy musicianship?  The answer is, unfortunately, no.

With his new band, The Lousy Hitchhikers, Mike K. is back with a tempered artistic vengeance not seen since the rise of another last-name-initialed superstar, Kenny G.   In an effort to shield himself from criticism and embrace his insecurities as a musician and lyricist, he has chosen to hide behind the Lousy Hitchhikers moniker in hopes that the naïve masses will blame non-existent band members for many of the band’s shortcomings.   

While this new band may consist solely of Mike K. and his trusty, yet dated, Boss BR-600 digital recorder, he has not given up on his trusty, yet dated, formula of poppy, punky, gritty and sometimes just plain awesomely horrific rock.   With No Lyin’ on the Horizon, he may have finally crafted a demo EP worthy of almost an entire listen. 

Reviews of No Lyin’ on the Horizon - Demo Album:

“Pretentious, ill-conceived yet heart-felt.” – Anonymous fan

“Terrible might be a compliment.” – Anonymous fan

“Thankfully it is short.” – Anonymous fan

"I thought it would be a good EP because it had a cool name. I could not have been more wrong" - Anonymous fan

“Not even a demo-quality demo.” – Anonymous fan

“Rhythmically awesome.” – Boss BR-600

Recommended if you like:  Listening to things that shouldn’t be listened to; lyrics with poor grammar; grammar with poor grammar; poorly enunciated lyrics; bleeding eardrums; audio ipecac; and sultry vocals.

Songs include:

The Lousy Hitchhikers Theme Song – A song about a band that, until recently, did not exist.  Now it is a song about a band that most people wish did not exist.

Sample lyric:   “We give the thumbs up the thumbs down”

She Used to be into Me A song about losing a loved one to knitting

Sample lyric:   “She’s got a passion for wool sock fashion”

She Made Me Wear Pants – A song about a guy who gives up his shorts for love

Sample lyric:  “I stuck to my pants-less convictions until love became a cureless affliction”

The Streets – A song about the harsh realities of shopping with the one you love

Sample lyric – “I’ll never get that day back – even with a receipt”


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