More than likely, you have reached this destination by accident. That is unfortunate for you. If you intended to visit this site, congratulations on being the first person to do it willingly.

Welcome to the home page of the Lousy Hitchhikers* ! The Lousy Hitchhikers are an indie rock band from Winston-Salem, North Carolina. There used to be a picture of a dude screaming like he had just listened to our song "She Made Me Wear Pants" about 50 times in a row, but we had to update the damned website and that generic picture is no longer available, which is lame (but not a reason to leave the website).

* The Lousy Hitchhikers are aware that this is by far the 2nd worst band website ever created (the first was their first website). That is part of the band's charm. They're not really musicians and they're certainly not web designers


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